Heating up a cooling body with delicious ginger tea

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Cooling foods are usually eaten to neutralise toxins from the body but too much of it can lead to a pale complexion, sore joints and muscles and makes your legs wobble with fatigue.

Interestingly hairy crabs are considered food that is very cooling and a hearty round of one too many crabs can make your legs too soft to stand or walk home.

Like drinking cooling tea after a feast of heaty durians, there is a heaty tea to make sure you are able to stand on those sturdy legs. With this ginger tea, you can now consume copious amounts of steamed hairy crab with vinegar dipping sauce.


  • Old ginger (Bentong) 50 grams

  • Red dates 20 grams

  • Rock sugar (to taste)

  • Water 3 cups


  1. Pour water into a cooking pot

  2. Smash a ginger and place it into pot

  3. Turn on flame and allow the water to heat to a boil

  4. Add in sliced red dates

  5. Simmer for 15 mins

  6. Strain and serve

Learn how to steam hairy crabs to restaurant level perfection

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