The perfect vinegar dip for Hairy Crabs

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Juvenile crabs are released into the waters around March, and in April they are fed a diet of fish, freshwater snails and corn. This fattens them up ready for the hairy crab season by Mid-Autumn festival.

While steaming is the best way to eat crabs, we have a perfect vinegar dipping sauce to bring out another level of deliciousness for you to complement those hairy crabs.


  • Quality black vinegar 1 cup

  • Old ginger (Bentong) 4cm

  • Rock sugar (to taste)

  • Chopped ginger


  1. Add vinegar into a small pot with the ginger knob

  2. Turn on heat until boiling

  3. Add in rock sugar and stir till melted

  4. Serve dipping sauce with a teaspoon of chopped ginger

As hairy crabs are cooling in nature, it is also important to ward off the cold after eating. Learn how to make a delicious ginger tea to get that heat back up in your blood.

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